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Legoland Malaysia Day Tour ex Kuala Lumpur

LEGOLAND Malaysia is the 1st LEGOLAND in Asia and 1st International park in Malaysia. At LEGOLAND® Malaysia, children can slip into the roles of their heroes and do things that normally only the grown-ups are allowed to do – like taking their first driving test, competing in a jousting tournament, jetskiing across the water at […]

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Aborigine Settlement & Elephant Sanctuary Tour

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The journey takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Our first stop is the Aborigine Settlement. Kuala Gandah Elephant conservation was established in 1989 by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. The center is a base for the Elephant Relocation Team, which began the elephant translocation programme in 1974. The only one of its kind […]

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Fireflies & Kuala Selangor Tour

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Proceed to Kuala Selangor town in the quiet hamlet of Kampung Kuantan, one of the largest firefly colonies in the world. On arrival at Kuala Selangor, visit “Kota Melawati” formerly known as “Fort Altingsburg” , the execution block, royal mausoleum and colonial buildings. A bird sanctuary park at the foot of Bukit Melawati is an […]

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National Zoo & School Of Hard Knocks Tour

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We begin our tour with National Zoo, the largest zoo in Malaysia and situated just outside the city limits and yet a world away from its hustle and bustle. Located 13 km northeast of Kuala Lumpur, the National Zoo houses some 200 species of animal, bird and reptiles, while the aquarium has 80 species of […]

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Garden & Park Tour

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An educational tour of nature and environment outside the jungle. Orchid Garden – see over 800 varieties of orchid including the exotic species, thrive abundantly on one hectare of floral paradise. The Deer Park – located on the Undulating slopes and sprawling valley of the Lake Gardens. Close to a bubbling stream at the edge […]

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Historical Malacca Tour

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Visit St. Peter’s Church (1710) – the oldest Christian Church still in use in Malaysia. Drive past the largest 17th century Chinese cemetery outside of China, located at Bukit China or Chinese Hill. Stop at the foothill to view the Sultan’s Well before driving through the Portuguese Settlement. Proceed to view the famous gateway. ‘Port […]

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Pulau Ketam ‘Crab Island Tour’

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Depart Kuala Lumpur for Port Klang in an hour – Malaysia’s busiest port. The 30 minute ferry ride offers a panoramic view of the busy harbour and the mangrove swamps of nearby islands. On arrival at Pulau Ketam, take a leisurely stroll to see how an entire fishing community lives in a village where even […]

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Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Tour

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Spanning over 80 acres, Sunway Lagoon draws fun seekers from all over with its reputation as a theme lands, each boasting their own exciting attractions. There are Adventure Park, Wild Wild West Water Park, Surf Beach and Elephant Walk. A place where you will take home more than just memories. The Lagoon’s mascot, captain quack, […]

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Animal World Safari & Water World Tour

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The 150-acre A ‘Famosa Animal World Safari, an amazing wildlife safari is home to over 100 of the finest species from the animal kingdom. Attractions include the Walk-through Area, Farm House, Monkey Island and adventurous truck drive through the Safari itself. In addition, one’s journey to the Animal World Safari would not be complete without […]

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Putrajaya & Agricultural Heritage Park Tour

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The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Putra Jaya takes approximately 50 minutes via the highway. Our first stop will be Taman Warisan or Agricultural Heritage Park – a ‘living’ museum for mango, rubber, coca, palm oil, durian, jackfruit, herbs and etc. A demonstration on the entire rubber-manufacturing process from the time it is tapped and […]

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